He will be sorely missed.
In terms of age, I came to computers rather late. I was already 45 before I started using computers on a regular basis, at home and at work. However, I consider myself lucky, because I started on Apple computers. We had these cute, round, blue ones at work, and I had a Macintosh SE30 at home (already old and cast off from the office).
Macintosh SE-30
This had a 16Mhz processor, which was pretty cool, at the time. According to Wiki “Although officially only able to support 32 MB, the SE/30 could expand up to 128 MB of RAM (a ludicrous amount of RAM at the time), and included a 40 or 80 MB hard drive. It was also the first compact Mac to include a 1.44 MB high density floppy disk drive as standard (late versions of the SE had one, but earlier versions did not.” Mine did 🙂 It is on these computers that I became a bit nerdy – I had to find out more – I had to know how they worked. Now, of course, floppy disks are already history, my current computer has 4GB of Ram and an over 500GB hard-disk – and the dual-processor speed is 2.1Ghz. Life moves on, so very quickly. I thank Steve for this early, painless and fascinating entry into the world of bits a bytes and all things nice. Rest in peace 🙂