I believe, that at any level, there is no such thing as chaos, because the laws of physics would be broken.

It doesn’t matter about what level we are speaking, be it microscopic or astronomical, the laws of physics are the laws of physics. Therefore, there is no chaos. If, for example, a rubber ball is dropped inside a metal sphere, and we are unable to predict how it bounces, we call it chaos. If we are unable to predict how people may react in a given circumstance, we call it chaos. I say there is no such thing.

Our inability to predict how something will react is just that. In other words, we simply do not know enough about the objects in question. We simply do not know everything about the composition of the rubber ball, nor the metal sphere in which it bounces. The matter becomes crystal clear when we talk about people. We can never know what they will do in a given circumstance, we can only estimate average reactions. But still we do not have chaos, just the lack of data. I would appreciate feedback about this 🙂