I know that the big day has gone, and indeed most are back at work, but the new year doesn’t begin and  end with a boozy celebration and a few short-lived good intentions.

For many of us, in Europe particularly, the current Eurozone crisis adds a little uncertainty to the year ahead – how sales will be, how the employment situation will develop, and how much will we have to pay to the victims of irresponsible bankers? For me, the uncertainty is almost a good thing, because when one door looks like shutting, others will doubtlessly open. The lazy comfort zone associated with the good life of boom times isn’t exactly motivating – one doesn’t feel the need to improve, to hone one’s skills. This coming year is rather a good one in which to really take control of one’s life, instead of wondering who it is that should do something about ‘this awful situation’ – it is a good time to find gaps in the market, fill those gaps and attend to what it is the customers want, and indeed will want in the future – and then exceed their expectations!

This is why I would like to wish you all, using a rather old-fashioned phrase, a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Let’s not just survive – let’s fly!