Business Etiquette 1 – On Time, In Time or Late? – Or will the gates have closed on you?

Just what ‘late’ actually is depends on both culture, environment and circumstances, so I’m not going to be too picky about minutes. There is the idea of ‘fashionably’ late at a party, which can save the host the embarrassment of not being ready. There are the ‘academic fifteen minutes’ where the 10 o’clock lecture actually starts at a quarter past. There are phrases like ‘Just in Time’, the other side of which is ‘Almost too Late’ (hence the person kept waiting at the cinema door may choose the latter, where the friend who arrives panting with seconds to spare might choose the former). So how late is late can be pretty flexible, but less so in the business world, especially the further north you go.

What I’m saying is that late is late, and late is rude, and being late shows just how much you care.