Snowy Misty Shore

Photo: copyright Malcolm Pemberton 2012

Winter came late this year in Finland, and when it came the snow fell on cold dry ground, so it settled and stayed and didn’t turn into slush. The surface was crisp and easy to walk on and the side-roads were quiet as the snow silenced the sound of the metal-studded car tyres. Then came a warmer period, the snow partially melted and then footprints froze and made the paths lumpy and hard to walk on. Then, even worse, on New Year’s Day, it rained on the frozen pavements, making walking almost impossible. Also, as it was a Bank Holiday, sanding and gritting of paths was largely left undone. Now the weather has improved; temperatures have gone down, fresh snow has fallen and been neatly ploughed away, leaving clean, flat snow to walk on. And just to make it perfect, the sun shone this afternoon, lighting up the snowy landscape, silhouetting the bare tree branches and illuminating the low mist which enhanced the frozen sea.