I must admit that I have been avoiding the whole subject of becoming 60 years old. I mean, it’s such a big number, such a milestone, such an image. People will think, “Oh, he’s 60 now, he’ll soon be retiring and getting ready to relax in his Golden Years. We should cut him a bit of slack and go easy on him. After all, he’ll soon start slowing down and forgetting stuff …”

Young ladies will start opening doors for me, instead of the other way round.
I’ll visit offices and the assistant will kindly ask, “Can you use a computer?”
I’ll be tempted to respond, “Yes, of course, how can I help you?”

The trouble is, far from slowing down, I feel like speeding up! Not physically of course – I would like to run a marathon some day, but at my own speed. I absolutely love biking, but I’m not interested in entering the Tour de France. What I mean is that my mind has never been so full of new and creative ideas. There is so, so much that I want to do. I have recently discovered the joys of filming, video editing and even acting, albeit as an extra. New technology has opened up a whole new world to ordinary people. Making movies is now something that anyone with the will can do. Thanks to YouTube, we can all now have our own TV channel. This is brilliant! I want to do it, and I’ve started already.

So, far from going to seed in front of the TV, with an occasional visit to the health centre and the library bus, and joining the other seniors in the park to discuss my latest ailment and what medicines I am currently on, I view this big number 60 as just the beginning of the next exciting phase of my life. I am going to do a ton of stuff that seems to have been on hold. I’m going to write great books, make great movies, try my hand at acting, get my mind round quantum physics, figure out the mystery of black holes and prove that travelling faster than the speed of light is no more difficult than breaking the sound barrier.

All this I am going to achieve whilst still earning a living and prospering. Screw New Year resolutions, they never work. This is my plan for the rest of my life, which starts, by the way, not tomorrow, but right now. There’s not a moment to lose!