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sign - bridlewayA bridle (noun) is the leather strap arrangement around a horse’s head, designed to allow the rider to control the horse using the reins, which lead up from the bridle to the rider’s hands. A metal bit goes in the horse’s mouth, behind the teeth.

To bridle (verb):
To put a bridle on a horse.
To get something under control, “He bridled his tongue, even though he did not agree.”

A bridleway is a pathway, usually in the countryside, which is suitable for horse riding. They probably originated when travelling by horse was common, and constituted short cuts, avoiding a longer route by road. These days they are used pretty much only for leisure riding, as the average village shop no longer has anything to tie the horse to in the car park. Much more information on the history of roads, paths and ways can be found HERE.

Bridal (adjective) comes from bride, the woman getting married. It is used in combinations such as bridal shower (a gift-giving party before the wedding), bridal dress (more commonly called a wedding dress).

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© Phil Date | Dreamstime Stock Photos