Happiness in this Life

Maybe it is the time of year, or maybe it’s my time of life, but I have been doing some pretty hard thinking these days. One thing that really grabs me is this – we should be seeking our reward in this life, not the next. Most main-stream religions seem to propogate the idea that our reward, happiness, is something that will come along later, in the next life, if we make our sacrifices now, in this one. I fervently do not agree!
Let me fill you in on where I am coming from. I am not a creationist, in the sense of believing in some father figure creating us in his own image, albeit a very imperfect one. I do believe in some kind of higher level of consciousness, and I don’t believe that when we die it is just ‘lights out’ and end. I believe that whatever we do has an effect on all those around us, and probably a knock-on effect into the rest of the world. I believe that we have evolved, and are evolving, and therefore are far from perfect (and logically may never be).  We are simply the product of a successful evolutionary line, but there is no guarantee that we will continue this run of success.
History shows that we are spectacularly good at grouping together, believing in crazy ideas and then defending them to the death. An assortment of mainstream religions have been a ‘godsent’ gift to many an administration, as populations who seek their reward in the next life, feel permanently guilty about their imperfect state, and are belittled by both church and administration, are ridiculously easy to control. More modern governments have had to invent other ‘mass control’ systems as religions have suffered reduced popularity.
OK, now it is time to get to the point. It is time for reasonable people to come together and seek our happiness in this life. It doesn’t matter if you believe in a life hereafter; this is no reason not to take this one by the horns and fully enjoy it! So what am I suggesting? Some kind of hedonistic rampage? No, not at all. I return again to the idea that whatever we do has an effect on other people, and more importantly on ourselves. If we respect ourselves and those around us, and intend to enjoy ourselves in a balanced way that does no harm to others or our world, this is our way to some kind of realizeable dream. We will be happier, healthier and have a lot more fun. We won’t need a book. We won’t need a set of instructions, and nobody will have to die to prove the point.
What do you think?

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