Road Safety

So, point one – there I was driving from Vaasa to Kokkola, and pretty much on the last part of my journey, and suddenly there is a big white van speeding towards me on my side of the road, on the wrong side of a solid yellow line, obviously in such a hurry to get to the graveyard that he had to overtake everything anywhere. Well, I hit the brakes and headed for the verge, and I was well onto the stones and almost in the (big) ditch as my attacker sped past, not even slowing his pace!

What a moron! I wish I had flashed my lights, hooted my horn or, indeed, got his number, but I was too busy trying to survive. Ten minutes later I was attacked again by another vehicle crossing the solid yellow line, not so closely this time, but what are they thinking? I would never take the risk.

Point two concerns tractors pretending to be trucks. Tractors belong on farms and construction sites, and their road travels should be restricted to the shortest possible routes enabling them to fulfil these tasks. This time, I was on my way in morning mist to Vimpeli. The mist was not so bad, and it was possible to proceed at 80 kilometres per hour in complete safety. Then I got behind a big tractor which was pulling a big truck-type trailer at 50 km/h.

It was too foggy to pass in safety so I hung back. Then a big truck joined the queue, and he was not so patient. He didn’t attempt to pass, but started to flash his lights and toot his air-horn, and the message was clearly for the tractor and that he should pull over and let us through. However, the tractor plodded on (for another fifteen kilometres!) missing several safe and legal opportunities to pull over.

The truck driver became more indignant, and started almost constant hooting with his air-horn, and it was at this point that I decided to pull over and allow this battle of wills to get safely in front of me. My point? A tractor is a tractor, and a truck is a truck. They fulfill different purposes and their jobs should not be allowed to be confused. Regulations are needed to curb what is clearly a dangerous trend.

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