20,000 hits! Thank you everybody!

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Malcolm’s English pages just passed 20,000 hits. It’s great to know how many people are out there reading my stuff. Thank you so much everybody 🙂

What was the first computer you used?

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BBC Micro - front view

BBC Micro – front view

The first computer I used was at a college back in the early 80s. It was a BBC Micro computer with no internal memory, just RAM. The operating system was BBC Basic, similar to Microsoft Basic, but more user friendly. The work was saved on an external audio cassette drive, and loaded from the same – at normal cassette speed. The screen showed just white text on black, but colour graphics could be created. “In line with its ethos of expandability Acorn produced its own range of peripherals for the BBC Micro, including: joysticks, tape recorder, floppy drive interface upgrade, floppy drives (single and double), Econet networking upgrade, Econet Bridge, Winchester disk system, 6502 Second Processor, Z80 Second processor (with CP/M and business software suite), 32016 Second processor, ARM Evaluation System, Teletext adapter, Prestel adapter, Speech synthesiser, Music 500 synthesiser, BBC Turtle, BBC Buggy and IEEE 488 Interface“. (Wikipedia links)

BBC Micro - rear view

BBC Micro – rear view

“After the Literacy Project’s call for bids for a computer to accompany the TV programmes and literature, Acorn won the contract with the Proton, which was renamed the BBC Micro and was adopted by most schools in the United Kingdom, changing Acorn’s fortunes. It was also moderately successful as a home computer in the UK despite its high cost.” (Wikipedia)

Below is a screenshot of an an Elite game from Acornsoft (1984). The full description and technical specifications are available on Wikipedia – just click HERE.

BBC Micro screenshot of an Elite game

BBC Micro screenshot of an Elite game



Uncountable nouns

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Here is a table of common nouns which are normally uncountable. This means that they don’t have a plural form, nor are they preceded by ‘a’ or ‘an’ (usually). Many are words that you find in the business world, so it’s good to learn them and make yourself and your company look good!

advice air art blood butter
data deodorant equipment evidence food
furniture garbage graffiti grass homework
information knowledge luggage mathematics meat
milk money music paper pollution
progress sand soap software sugar
traffic transport trash water wood

For example, you cannot say, “I got some good advices from them.”
We have to say, “We got some good pieces of advice from them” or “We got some good advice from them.”
The same works for ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’. READ MORE

Time to start studying English?

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© Andre Maritz | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Andre Maritz | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The New Year celebrations are over, it’s time to get back to studying business English, presentation skills, emailing, writing instructions – whatever you want.

All my eCourses are one-to-one and tailored to your needs. They can also be as long or short as you want, from a few lessons focussed on a particular need, to longer courses improving your general English.

At €48 for each 60 minutes, they are also very competitively priced. Courses can be via WebEx or just email. Click HERE to read more!

What will you find in my new book?

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Book coverSo, what are you going to find in my new book? Take a sneak peek at the contents page and find out just how many things you will need to know before you step up in front of that audience. Learn from my own experience that it won’t be OK to just climb up on that stage, or stride into that conference room and read from those slides you were given by your boss. The great art of giving a presentation involves so much more forethought and preparation. READ MORE:

About Education

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Ken Robinson speaks so well about education that I need say no more. Just watch the video.


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