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25,000 hits! Thank you!

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Photo credit - Dreamstime

Photo credit – Dreamstime

Some time last night Malcolm’s English Pages received the hits that tipped the counter over 25,000. Here’s a big free-gift “thank you” to all my readers who have made it all seem so worthwhile.

For one week only (until 15th September) you can get my three eBooks absolutely free!
“How to Create and Deliver a Great Presentation”
“How to Write Great Emails”
“How to Write Great Instructions”

Just add your email address to the form below and I’ll send them to you. NOTE: I guarantee that your email address will be used for no other purpose, and shared with no other persons.

How to use rein, reign and rain

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Here’s more from the wonderful world of homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently).
NOTE: Homonyms have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings or origins, for example:
can¹ (modal verb) be able to – He can run a four-minute mile.
can² (modal verb) be allowed to – He can have a shotgun as he has a permit.
can³  (noun) a container usually made of metal – e.g. beer, paint and food cans

Anyway, back to homophones. Let’s take a look at rein, reign and rain, and they are all pronounced the same as the one we know so well, the rain falling from the sky. So:

Horses are controlled by reins, the leather straps leading from the bridal to the rider’s hands. The horse can be reined in (slowed or stopped) or steered with these.  We also have reins for small children, to stop them running into traffic etc.

The reign (period of ruling power) of Queen Elizabeth II has lasted since 1952. Industry reigned supreme until the rise of IT. NOTE: When reign is used for a person other than a monarch (king or queen) it often sounds rather negative (e.g. the reign of Hitler or some long-ruling politician).

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” is a sentence used to practice ‘correct’ (i.e. southern educated British)  pronunciation. It rained so much this winter that there was severe flooding in many parts of the UK.
“Save it for a rainy day,” means: “Don’t use it or spend it now, save it for when we really need it.”

20,000 hits! Thank you everybody!

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Malcolm’s English pages just passed 20,000 hits. It’s great to know how many people are out there reading my stuff. Thank you so much everybody 🙂

A birthday present for you!

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girl-taking-dictation - close crop

Write this down!

Actually, it’s my birthday so I have completely restructured my e-School and Proofreading prices for the rest of 2014! I’ve cut the prices almost in half, compared to 2013!
Proofreading is now only £25 (€30) per thousand words!
E-school is now only £25 (€30) per hour!
Now, don’t tell me your company can’t afford to invest at these prices!

Contact me at malcolm.pemberton@gmail.com

My books – Price reductions

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I am pleased to announce that all my current books are now on offer for only €3.50 (£2.91 – $4.81) – other currencies are available at the shopping site for comparison before checkout. Just hover your cursor over the currency abbreviation, as shown in the screenshot below:

Currency choices

My books are:
How to Create and Deliver a Great Presentation
How to Write Great Emails
How to Write Great Instructions

NOTE: I started the price change process yesterday, just when our router died and left us offline. Any difference in prices between this website and the shopping site have now been corrected.

Promotional Offer – 3 eBooks for the price of 1!

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Here’s a great offer! Kick start your English this spring. Make your company look good!
My three books for the price of one! Click the links below to preview the books – use the form below the links to order. You will receive an invoice for €4.99 with your 3 eBooks.

Offer ends midnight 31st January 2014 and is limited to the EU and the UK.

How to Create and Deliver a Great Presentation – normal price €4.99

How to Write Great Emails – normal price €4.99

How to Write Great Instructions – normal price €4.99

All for one price – €4.99 – Use this form to order.

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