Get your English web pages checked!

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Low prices continue for 2017!

Get your English language web-pages and documents checked – and look good out there!

Proofreading for English is still only £25 (€30) per thousand words of original text!


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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia and NASA: http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=57723

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia and NASA:

“English as it is spoken today will have disappeared in 100 years and could be replaced by a global language called Panglish, researchers claim.

“New words will form and meanings will change with the most dramatic changes being made by people learning English as a second language, says Dr Edwin Duncan, a historian of English at Towson University in Maryland, in the US.”

Read the full article from the Daily Telegraph

25,000 hits! Thank you!

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Photo credit - Dreamstime

Photo credit – Dreamstime

Some time last night Malcolm’s English Pages received the hits that tipped the counter over 25,000. Here’s a big free-gift “thank you” to all my readers who have made it all seem so worthwhile.

For one week only (until 15th September) you can get my three eBooks absolutely free!
“How to Create and Deliver a Great Presentation”
“How to Write Great Emails”
“How to Write Great Instructions”

Just add your email address to the form below and I’ll send them to you. NOTE: I guarantee that your email address will be used for no other purpose, and shared with no other persons.

Finland returns to work

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Well, the summer break in Finland is pretty much over and autumn is just around the corner. The kids have gone back to school and everybody has had the chance to catch up with their emails. Now is the time to get your English language web pages and other assorted documentation checked for perfect spelling, grammar and style. It’s so important to look good out there in the international market.

We offer extremely cost-effective and professional copy-editing and proofreading services at a budget €30 per thousand words of original text. You know it makes sense.

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We are open for business the whole summer!

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Do you need an English text or web-page checked in a hurry?

Do you want to make yourself and your company look good while the boss is on holiday?

We offer reliable and cost-effective proofreading services – and we are not on holiday.

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Abbreviations – mike or mic?

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Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

This little puzzle came to my attention today and got me thinking – is mike or mic short for microphone. Well, in common usage, both are correct. Pubs advertise ‘open mike’ and ‘open mic’ – but publicans are not so often also grammarians, so lets have a look at this sticky problem.

If one is going to be pedantic, and I often am, ‘mike’ is the short form of microphone, and ‘mic’ is the abbreviation of it (used a lot in the audio world). ‘Mike’ is a word, ‘mic’ is not. Bicycle is shortened to ‘bike’, and definitely not ‘bic’ (the latter being a generic name for a ball-point pen).

Which is right and which is wrong? It depends on the world you are working in and writing about. Was that helpful? Probably not. Language is not a science …

Get it right!

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Question: How do you feel when you read the English language pages of a website and discover spelling or grammar mistakes?
I think that you might think twice about using their services.
So, what about your company’s English web pages – have you had them checked by a professional? Would you like to lose even one customer just because you didn’t?

Having your web pages checked by a professional is not expensive at all – just €30 for each thousand words. Can you afford not to?
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