20,000 hits! Thank you everybody!

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Malcolm’s English pages just passed 20,000 hits. It’s great to know how many people are out there reading my stuff. Thank you so much everybody ūüôā

“How to Write Great Instructions” is now available!

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How to Write Great Instructions front square 300pxMy third book is now available!
Only ‚ā¨4.99 ($6.86)
I got so many visits to my short guide that I decided to write this really comprehensive eBook to help you all to write really great instructions and make you and your company look good. The quality of your instructions is just as important as the quality of your products, advertising, website and customer service. Instructions should never be written as an afterthought Рin fact they should be developed as the product nears the market.  READ MORE

“How to Write Great Emails” now published!

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How to Write Great Emails frontWay ahead of time my latest book has now been published for the budget price of ‚ā¨4.99 and is available online HERE at Payloadz.

If you would like to read the full draft introduction just click HERE (this does not take you to the shop, so you can read in peace).

My next book – a greatly expanded version of “How to Write Instructions” – will be available soon.

“How to Create and Deliver a Great Presentation” now available!

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My new book is now available online at:

Enabling you to give a great presentation – every time!
All you need to know – the complete toolkit:

Book cover

What will you find in my new book?

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Book coverSo, what are you going to find in my new book? Take a sneak peek at the contents page and find out just how many things you will need to know before you step up in front of that audience. Learn from my own experience that it won’t be OK to just climb up on that stage, or stride into that conference room and read from those slides you were given by your boss. The great art of giving a presentation involves so much more forethought and preparation. READ MORE:

Days away from publication!

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Book cover

Screenshot of provisional cover

Countdown to publication! My new book is only days away from publication. Watch this space!

This 50-page pdf book will help you do precisely what the title suggests – create and deliver great presentations!

“This¬† concise¬† guide¬† has¬† been¬† designed¬† with¬† you,¬† the¬† busy¬† expert,¬† in mind.¬† It¬† is also for those who do not have English as their first language, which is the situation for the majority in international and global business. To¬† this end, I¬† have¬† tried¬† to¬† keep¬† my English simple and straightforward. I¬† have¬† not¬† tried¬† to¬† impress¬† you¬† with¬† my¬† massive Latin¬≠-based¬† technical
vocabulary;¬† I¬† have¬† tried¬† to¬† impress¬† you¬† with¬† my¬† clarity¬† and¬† simplicity.”


Too busy working to make any money?

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We’ve all heard this old adage, but I’ve just remembered another, one that you probably came across as a joke at school.

What’s the definition of madness?
It’s doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result!

Doesn’t this remind you of the daily reality of working for an employer; working hard and diligently, in the hope of somehow winning the lottery of promotion etc etc etc? We work and dream of better income, a better lifestyle, the dream home and the great holidays, but as the world economic situation digs us ever deeper into our own debt, and the inherited debt from irresponsible corporations, the vast majority of us just limp from one payday to the next, juggling creditors and wondering which bill will have to be paid late this month.

This isn’t living, it’s just surviving. Isn’t it time for a counter-revolution, so to speak? We are moving so quickly from the industrial revolution model, where vast numbers of labourers were required to provide the energy for production, to a new model where it is what we know that counts, not how big our muscles are. In my mind, this kind of expertise is better sold on an entrepreneurial basis, and the Internet offers a huge platform from which to offer one’s services. The world of work is rapidly changing – we should keep up with it, not watch it go by.

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