Look + prepositions

Chimney stacks on a building in Newcastle upon...
Looking down at chimney stacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was on his knees, head in the fireplace, looking up the chimney.
He was on the roof, looking down the chimney.
He was outside in the yard, looking up at the chimney.
He was in a helicopter, looking down at the chimney.
She was outside in the garden, looking in through the window at him.
He was inside, looking out through the window at her.
They stood at the window, looking out at the rain and waiting for it to stop.

We look for things that are mislaid or lost.

We look after children and old people, because they can’t live without help.

We look forward to nice things in the future (anticipate).

We look into matters that need investigating.

Joke: A hole appeared in the road overnight – the police are looking into it.

We look at things that don’t move, like pictures, photos, a magazine, the view.

(We watch things that move, like games, the TV, a movie.)

We look up to people we admire for their wisdom.
We also look up a number in the phone directory.

We look down on people who we think are stupid or bad.

We look out for danger or people we are expecting.
Look out!” He shouted, as the car nearly hit me.

We look sideways at things we don’t quite believe.

A lookout is a person posted to keep watch from the bridge of a ship, for example, or to make sure nobody will see a crime being committed.

Other Phrases with ‘look’:
Look busy! The boss is coming.

He or she’s a real looker (naturally handsome or beautiful).
It looks like rain, I’ll take my umbrella.
You look happy!
Are you OK? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!

Always look on the bright side of life 🙂

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