The International Telephone Alphabet

Taking one last call

Taking one last call (Photo credit: WarzauWynn)



 Use in this way – A as in Alpha, B as in Bravo etc.

A [ei] as in ALPHA

N [en] as in NOVEMBER

B [bii] as in BRAVO

O [ou] as in OSCAR

C [sii] as in CHARLIE

P [pii] as in.PAPA

D [dii] as in DELTA

Q [kiu] as in QUEBEC

E [ii] as in ECHO

R [aa] as in ROMEO

F [ef] as in FOXTROT

S [es] as in SIERRA

G [dji] as in GOLF

T [tii] as in TANGO

H [eich] as in HOTEL

U [juu] as in UNIFORM

I [ai] as in INDIA

V [vii] as in VICTOR

J [djai] as in JULIET

W [dubl-juu] as in WHISKEY

K [kei] as in KILO

X [eks] as in X-RAY

L [el ] as in LIMA

Y [wai] as in YANKEE

M [em] as in MIKE

Z [zed] as in ZULU

Ä “A with two dots”

Ö “O with two dots”

Å “A with a circle over it”

You will also need a few extra words to spell your name, address or email address over the phone. Here are some examples:

1. O’Connor – “Capital O as in Oscar, APOSTOPHE [a’postrofii] , Capital C as in Charlie, O as in Oscar, N as in November, N as in November, O as in Oscar, R as in Romeo.”

2. Stoke-on-Trent – “Capital S as in Sierra, T as in Tango, K as in Kilo, E as in Echo, HYPHEN [haifen], O as in Oscar, N as in November, HYPHEN [haifen] (or DASH), Capital T as in Tango, R as in Romeo, E as in Echo, N as in November, T as in Tango.”

And here is a short list of other symbols commonly included in Internet addresses:

/ = slash

\ = backslash

# = hash or pound or number sign (more common in the US)

– = hyphen or dash

a­_b = underscore between letters

@ = at

Even though the International Alphabet helps greatly to spell out words, it is a good idea also to learn the names of the letters at the same time. With a little practice you’ll find that it all comes really easily.

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