Emma Watson’s wonderful speech at the United Nations has unfolded a mass of confusing but revelationary thoughts and feelings that I have yet to understand fully. That women should have equal rights and aspirations to men has always seemed obvious to me. I had never believed before that we men may also be trapped by the expectations that society has for us. I was brought up with the ‘men don’t cry’ belief. I was brought up with the ‘men must be strong’ belief. I was brought up with the ‘men must fix it’ belief. This last is the crux. The man comes home – his wife and kids share their worries, fears and problems, and the man thinks – I have to fix these. It is a huge burden that he often feels that he has to carry alone. Now I am beginning to share this feeling, and it’s not easy.

This is all that I am going to say today, because I feel that I have a revolution going on inside of me and I have Emma to thank for that. The world will be a such better place when all men and women (i.e. people) can be what they want, and not what they are expected to be.

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